TPM Consultant

Energy Reduction

What is it?


  •  Energy flow or usage is directly related to activities and processes
  •  Energy reduction eliminates the scope of unnecessary activities involved in the process
  •  It optimizes the man, machine and manpower for the most appropriate usage.
  •  It cuts down the direct cost to the organization.


Who is it for?


  •  Energy reduction tool can be used in any industry, big or small.
  •  Most useful for organizations, having energy as a major cost
  •  Those industries who are looking for environment protection along with cost cutting.


 What will you get?


  •  Optimum energy requirement for efficient work process.
  •  Uniformy distributed load.
  •  Reduced cost of work
  •  Efficiently working machines and equipments.


  How to Achieve it?


  •  Engage PMG
  •  Diagnostic Assessment of current practices w.r.t. best practices
  •  Form a cross-functional team (CFT)
  •  Data Collection
  • implementation of various tools and techniques
  •  Analysis of Data
  •  Brainstorm the strategy
  •  Assess Risks of the strategy
  •  Draw Improvement Action Plans
  •  Capacity Building of people & process in manufacturing
  •  Upgradation of implementation
  •  Review of performance of cost
  •  consolidated financial performance


  Why Choose PMG?


  •  Multi-location presence
  •  Sharing of best practices in the industry
  •  Strategise for effectiveness
  •  On Time completion of assignments
  •  You engage, High end experts at the most economic cost. We charge and deliver results.
  •  Highly engaging training sessions
  •  Practical Implementation
  •  Organization gets, in depth learning but just not an understanding
  •  Very High level of Customer Satisfaction


  Key Success Factor


  • Top Management Involvement
  • Selection of process/ equipments with low hanging fruits
  • Accurate historical data
  • Clear Strategic plan for the future