Specialized Fire and Safety Training Modules

What is it?


  • Fire and Safety Training course is a module for handling different kinds of fire & its safety


Who is it for?


  • Any Organization


 What will you get?


  •  Thorough analysis for related hazard point and risk calculation
  •  Types of fire and related incidents that can happen.
  •  Chain of events that can take place during and post-hazard.
  •  Training and mock drills to prevent the emergency situation.
  •  Upgradation of staff thinking in purview of hazard analysis.


  How to Achieve it?


  •  Engage PMG
  •  Define your scope & target audience
  •  Schedule a date for training
  •  Get the training conducted


  Why Choose PMG?


  •  Sharing of best practices in the industry
  •  Strategise for effective trainings
  •  On Time completion of assignments
  •  You engage, High end experts at the most economic cost. We charge and deliver results.
  •  Highly engaging training sessions
  •  Practical Implementation
  •  Organization gets, in depth learning but just not an understanding
  •  Very High level of Customer Satisfaction


  Key Success Factor


  • Defining the right scope of training
  • Selection of Right people for the training