Compliance means productivity

Looking over the ongoing scenario into the manufacturing industries, it is for sure that everyone becomes much stringent and careful towards their suppliers and quality of supplied products or services. On the other hand suppliers thinking to have very much specific requirements which they have to fulfill in order to keep their business stable and sustainable. Various types of requirements such as customer specific requirements, requirements of implemented management system(s), statutory and regulatory requirements, own requirements of organization usually seen as a barrier or burden to existing work.

So question here is, How to tackle with this all requirements before they attack on you. Yes, it is highly important to manage various relevant and critical requirements in such a way that they boost your productivity instead of acting a barrier for you. Sometimes it may happens that you cannot even interpret rightly the requirements. Moreover, it is not uncommon. Because it requires quite thorough understanding and competencies of people handling the requirements. Compliance to various management systems takes resources of an organization. So let’s understand the way, how one can grow and harvest significant benefits considering and complying to all applicable requirements. It is must to inculcate that compliances are always for the control. Considering and incorporating such requirements will lead your organization towards systematic and standardized way of working. Initially it may seems quite difficult but it is. Proper methods and mechanisms should be established to handle the requirements smoothly.

Fulfilling customer specific requirements could earn you more and more business. By means of management standards, requirements are become more standardized now. Complying with statutory and regulatory requirements help you to create safe and healthy work environment. High employee motivation is a hidden advantage of the same. Organization complying with it can save ample amount of opportunity cost. Management system requirements brings a well-structured working style in the place. All the business processes could be standardized and deliver outputs at their peak efficiencies. Better controls over various processes could be established by means of complying with requirements. Workforce become more responsible and accountable which could be proven significant point for various improvement ideas for cultural and monetary benefits. Strat complying requirements also make people more competent and capable enough to handle same requirements from other customer or organization. It provides a way of working, which will thrust you always towards better and better. Many times various audits becomes a headache for the organization because respective auditor always asks about the pre-given set of requirements, which organization have yet not fulfilled or understood. Which may lead to the barrier in approval or next order or release of payment also.

Concisely, organizations has to change their viewpoint toward compliance or requirements from barrier & burden to opportunity for standardization, improvement and monetary saving also. Change is not an option; if it is then survival has to. Organization can go for various ISO management system for their rigorous implementation to make the requirements favorable. Practicing such requirements and/or compliances will definitely prove you a loyal and business making supplier in the eyes of your customer.