Types of ISO 50001 Trainings

There are various varieties of training available for different needs, it may vary from training to support implementation and maintenance of energy management system for a company, to training for individuals who want to be certified for auditing EnMS of the companies for certification bodies. Following are some list of popular ISO 50001 training courses:

ISO 50001: Lead Auditor

Lead auditor course for ISO 50001 is usually of four to five days, which pay emphasis on understanding requirements of ISO 50001 and how to access company process against these requirements. At the end of the five-day training there is a test, which is to be taken to verify the knowledge and competence of the attendee. This course can be attended by anyone whether he/she wants to be a Lead auditor or ISO 50001 practitioner. Why practitioner? Because lead auditor course provides more insights of the standard and the audit criteria’s that is used by certification bodies during audit. The course can only be presented by company who is certified to present ISO 50001 lead auditor training course and it is the only certified course that participant can attain as ISO 50001 lead auditor.

ISO 50001: Internal Auditor

Internal auditor training for ISO 50001:2018 is commonly a two-day training course and also be performed online, which is based on the lead auditor course that is defined above. It includes a small test at the end day of the training, just to check the understanding of ISO 50001:2018 and how audit is to be conduct. After two day of training, internal auditor certificate is provided to participants.

ISO 50001: Awareness Training

Awareness training course will help organization to understand about ISO 50001 and its requirements. Awareness training is the first step towards the implementation of ISO 50001:2018. This is usually one day or two-day course and can also be done on online platforms like: webinars. Well, there is certification for this training course.

Who provides these training?

Companies that provide training course related to ISO 50001 especially lead auditor training courses are BSI (British Standards Institution), TUV Rheinland, and SGS International. Where Productivity Management Group provide Internal audit trainings and awareness training regarding ISO 50001:2018.