iso 9001 certification consultant

Our Competent TL 9000 consultant

What is it?


TL 9000 is a Quality Management System, specifically designed for the ICT industry. It is based around ISO 9001 and was developed by the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Leadership Forum for improving the processes, products and services within the ICT industry.The industry group QuEST Forum, a unique partnership of communications service providers, suppliers, and industry liaisons, has defined TL 9000 in two handbooks: Management System Requirements and Management System Measurements.


Who is it for?


The TL 9000 management system is applied by telecom manufacturers and suppliers engaged in the design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of telecommunication products and services.
Applicable to over 10,000 telecommunications suppliers worldwide,


What will you get?


  • Decreased costs of product life cycle management, audits, supplier management expenses, and general operations
  • Ensures operational consistency
  • Quantifies performance results
  • Reduces external audits and site visits
  • Creates uniform measurements including industry averages
    Through benchmarking with measurements, achieve best practices and industry synergy.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to product quality and customer value through focus on cycle-time reductions; on-time deliveries; return rates; reliability; and defect elimination
  • Demonstrates the company’s accountability and focus on continual improvement.
  • Significant cost savings of on-site inspections.


How to Achieve it?


  • Engage PMG
  • Diagnostic Assessment of current practices w.r.t. TL requirements
    Form a cross-functional team (CFT) for TL implementation
    Awareness Training of CFT
  • Engage CFT into documentation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Simultaneous Implementation
  • Data Collection
  • Analysis of Data
  • Draw Improvement Action Plans
  • Internal Capacity Building of people & processes
  • Internal Auditor TL 9000 training courses
  • Internal Auditing
  • Review of performance,TL implementation by management
  • Invite Certification Body for TL Certification


Why Choose PMG?


  • Multi-location presence
  • Sharing of best practices in the industry
  • Strategise for highly empowered TL implementation
  • Comprehensive, yet optimal & precise documentation, for your business needs
    On Time completion of assignments
  • Certification in first round of audit
  • Engage high end experts at the most economic cost. We charge and deliver results.
  • Highly engaging training sessions
  • Practical Implementation
  • Organization gets, in depth learning but just not an understanding
    Post Certification, free consultations and opinions
  • Very High level of Customer Satisfaction


Key Success Factor


  •  Executive Sponsorship
  • Effective Management Review
  • Leadership Involvement & their commitment
  • Engagement of People at all levels in evolution & implementation of QMS systems
  • Raised awareness of individual’s roles & responsibility in achieving their objectives and impact of not achieving the same
  • Simple, easy to use, documentation
  • Comprehensive Risk assessment
  • Strategic Data Collection & Information Sharing