Our Philosophy




Good corporate governance is essential for sustained growth. A good governance structure fortified with tenets of transparency, integrity and accountability expands the horizon of growth for a company. It ensures robust shareholder returns, fosters excellence in operational performance and attracts employees, clients & partners. The corporate governance philosophy at GCS goes beyond ‘enhancing shareholder value’. We remain committed towards upholding industry-best practices while also ensuring ethical wealth generation and being a responsible corporate citizen.

Focus Areas




We have been reporting sustainability as per GRI G3.1 guidelines since 2012. However, we have migrated to GRI G4 reporting guidelines from FY16. Every year, we are audited externally by KPMG for all the reportable parameters. We report over 30 indicators across all sites both under project and O&M phase. In our endeavour to attain global benchmarks we continuously monitor and improve our economic, environmental and social indicators.




We are committed to the environment by creating innovative solutions to minimize impact and optimize resource conservation. ‘Alternative thinking’, one of our Rise Pillars continues to enable us to unearth effective ways of conserving and optimising the finite natural resources bequeathed to us. We strongly believe that ecology and economics are not contradictory, but complementary to each other. Hence, we consider environmental efficiency as a business competency and invest time and money to enhance this efficiency.




Workers should be able to work in an environment which protects and promotes their health. Improving health and well-being opportunities in a work setting helps employers and employees create workplaces that support healthy choices and well-being. Safety and health of workers has a positive impact on productivity and reduces costs related to absenteeism, lost productivity, turnover, workers’ compensation and medical and disability claims, as well as improving the employer’s image as a positive and caring organization.