Siddharth Panwar


Siddharth Panwar is a post graduate in industrial & production engineering. His domain expertise also constitutes mechanical engineering with key expertise and interests in EMS & OHSAS consulting, production planning, shop floor control, SMED, forging process, welding techniques, automation techniques. He holds hand-on experience with the working of a 6-axis robot. He holds the know-how of using industrial engineering tools and production techniques like ISO 14001, ISO 18001, 5S, SMED, KAIZEN, work study, time study, waste elimination techniques and vast knowledge of Indian Standards applicable in industries. He has worked with enterprises like Satyam auto components, Rockwell automation, TATA motors, Sunstar forging and Eins technik. As a trainer & consultant, he handholds a good conduct over the knowledge and the learning aspect. His work composes an integral part of PMG’s functioning.