Ravindra Pal Sharma
Lead Consultant


Ravindra P. Sharma upon entering the world of Hospitality & Food in 1972 at IHMCN-Pusa, New Delhi, has robustly contributed and established in flight kitchens and airline businesses (aviation catering & hospitality) for over four decades to date, all along maintaining the attitude of a learner. He is presently embraced the role of a facilitator in the fields of Quality, Safety and Hazard Management. He has all-embracing strengths in Catering & Hospitality, Food Quality & Safety Management and Business Management consultancy. He continues to remain closely associated with vendors as well as new product developments. He is highly skilled in hazard identification and risk-analysis, establishing food safety management systems through stages of food from Farm to Fork. He has perpetually been active in the development of optimized systems, procedures, machinery and techniques for enhanced productivity, efficient resource utilization, along with their application for standardization and benchmarking of product and services. His initiatives for cost containment with Lufthansa German Airlines have earned him various accolades. Safe facility design, secure food handling, uninterrupted Supply Chain Management, LEAN logistics and storage, hygiene & sanitation systems and the creation of internal audit controls are some of the other potent areas of his skill-sets.