5S Training

Enable Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) for Your Manufacturing Unit

What is it?


  • PPAP aims to provide the evidence that all customer engineering design record and specification requirements are properly understood by the organization and that the manufaturing process has the potential to produce product consistently meeting requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.


Who is it for?


  • Internal audit training courses is required for new auditors, those preparing to be in the team of auditors, and people who wish to understand the auditing process while being
  • PPAP shall apply to internal and external organization sites supplying production parts,service parts,production materials, or bulk materials.


 What will you get?


  • Minimum variation in processes
  • Statistical control over processes
  • raised credibility in product quality
  • Opportunity to take advantage of a rapid approach to quality
  • enhanced ability to manage changes to processes
  • reduction in cost of poor quality.
  • reduced chance to defective parts delivery


  How to Achieve it?


  •  Engage PMG
  • Capacity Building of personnel w.r.t. PPAP Requirements
  • Complete all the PPAP documentation requirements
  • Collate the data
  • Submit the PPAP document to the customer for approval


  Why Choose PMG?

  •  Multi-location presence
  • Sharing of best practices in the industry
  • Strategise for effective trainings
  • On Time completion of assignments
  • You engage, High end experts at the most economic cost. We charge and deliver results.
  • Highly engaging training sessions
  • Practical Implementation
  • Organization gets, in depth learning but just not an understanding
  • Very High level of Customer Satisfaction


  Key Success Factor

  •  Identify the PPAP Level
  • Understand the PPAP requirement
  • Collection of data
  • Assembly of documents
  • Understanding, when the PPAP submissions need to be done