5S Training


What is it?


  • Kanban is a scheducling system for Just in Time (JIT) in order to produce in a leaner way.
  • A Visual method to control inventories


Who is it for?


  •  Those organizations who want to upgrade their manufacturing system by the way of inventory management concepts
  • Industries willing to streamline their supply chain management process
  • Organizations who wish to increase their profits


 What will you get?


  •  Cost Reduction
  •  Better Cash Flows
  •  Lean inventory
  •  Higher productivity
  •  Space for value adding work


  How to Achieve it?


  •  Engage PMG
  •  Diagnostic Assessment of current practices w.r.t. best practices
  •  Split the workplace into zones
  •  Form a cross-functional team (CFT)
  •  Data Collection
  •  Analysis of Data
  •  Brainstorm the strategy
  •  Assess Risks of the strategy
  •  Draw Improvement Action Plans
  •  Implement action plan on ground
  •  Compare results and reporting.


  Why Choose PMG?


  •  Multi-location presence
  •  Sharing of best practices in the industry
  •  Strategise for effectiveness
  •  On Time completion of assignments
  •  You engage, High end experts at the most economic cost. We charge and deliver results.
  •  Highly engaging training sessions
  •  Practical Implementation
  •  Organization gets, in depth learning but just not an understanding
  •  Very High level of Customer Satisfaction


  Key Success Factor


  • Top management commitment
  • Inventory Data Collection
  • Training of people
  • Eye for details