TPM Consultant


You need improvements, you need PMG. As we are named, so we have aimed. Productivity Management Group helps the organization, to convert their challenges into opportunities to improve the business. If businesses are to improve, quality of all the ingredients of the process needs to optimally improve. PMG helps, in diagnosing the challenges, brainstorming it through your team, researching practical solution and help your team to select the best possible implementable option. Using the concepts of LEAN Six Sigma, PMG will build the capacities and capabilities of processes and peoples, considering the impending risks. Our belief is that Cost Reduction may not improve quality but improving quality can definitely reduce the cost.


Supply Chain Management

TPM Implementation

LEAN Implementation

Inventory Management

Cost Reduction

Capacity Utilization

Manpower Optimization

TQM Implementation

Business Excellence

Quality Improvement

Yield Optimization


Energy Reduction