5S Training

5S Training

What is 5S Training?



5S is a workplace organisation technique. Organisation’s, 5S management will help in changing the entire outlook of all the people working there. 5S training & implementation requires an attitude, a changed thinking with productivity as the ultimate benefit. 5S training program will dwell on following 5 ‘S’

  •  1S – Sort
  •  2S – Set
  •  3S – Shine
  •  4S – Standardize
  •  5S – Sustain

5S implementation, enhances value addition in manufacturing process. 5S implementation will help in identifying clearer and safe work operation. Chances of rejection will reduce, safety quotient of the company, goes up.


Who is 5S training for?


  •  Those organizations, who want to improve their productivity, through 5S implementation.
  •  Companies working for its expansion in future.
  •  Those industries who are looking for increasing productivity while improving on the quality aspect, through 5S implementation.
  •  Those who are willing to reduce waste generation, through 5S implementation.
  •  Improvement of reliability and brand value, through implementation.


 What are the benefits of 5S training & implementation?


  •  Clutter-free workplace
  •  Organized workplace
  •  Reduction of accidents & injuries
  •  Improvement in quality
  •  Productivity Improvement
  •  Cost Reduction
  •  Value addition on floor space


How 5S results could be measured

Results could be measured, as below:

  1. Profits
  2. Revenue/ Turnover
  3. Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  4. Value Adding Space Utilization
  5. Rejection/ Scrap
  6. Rework/ Re-processing
  7. Regrade
  8. Inventory Turn Ratio
  9. Throughput Time
  10. Cycle Time
  11. On Time Delivery
  12. Customer Satisfaction
  13. Customer Returns
  14. Customer Complaints
  15. Operational Cost
  16. Yield
  17. Downtime
  18. Energy Consumption
  19. Manpower Productivity
  20. Production Rate
  21. Injuries/ Accidents
  22. Near Misses
  23. Consumption of Materials

One can add so many such indicators to measure the results.


How to Achieve 5S?


  •  Engage PMG for 5S implementation
  •  Diagnostic Assessment of current practices w.r.t. best practices
  •  Split the workplace into zones
  •  Form a cross-functional team (CFT)
  • PMG, provides 5S training to the CFT
  •  Data Collection
  •  Analysis of Data
  •  Brainstorm the strategy
  •  Assess Risks of the strategy
  •  Draw Improvement Action Plans
  •  Implement action plan on the ground
  •  Compare results and reporting
  • Review and conduct 5S implementation as part of Daily Works Management (DWM)


  Why Choose PMG for 5S training?


  •  Multi-location presence
  •  Sharing of best practices in the industry
  •  Strategize for effectiveness
  •  On Time completion of assignments
  •  You engage, High-end experts at the most economical cost. We charge and deliver results.
  •  Highly engaging 5S training sessions
  •  Practical Implementation of 5S
  •  Organization gets, in-depth learning but just not an understanding
  •  Very High level of Customer Satisfaction


  Key Success Factor for 5S training & implementation


  • Top management commitment
  • Creation of 5S Zones
  • Training & engaging zonal teams
  • Involvement of the area/ person concerned
  • Eye for details