FMEA or Failure Modes and Effects Analysis is one of the distinct services that PMG India provides, being a very well recognized name among the top ISO Consultants in India. Productivity Management Group has a sound experience in ISO consulting and has several clients all around the globe, extremely satisfied with our service. We have experience in providing our services to industries of variant size and structure.

“FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) is a procedure that can be applied to a company’s management system and product development. Through this procedure one can identify the modes of the potential failures that come across in your system. These potential failures are then classified on the basis of their impact on the system and also on the likelihood of their occupancy. Based on the past experience on the similar kind of products or processes, analysis is done. Thus these failures are simply avoided out of the system having the expenditure on the resources and effort applied to a comparatively low level.”

The cogency of this procedure is very high and much simpler that it can be applied to both manufacturing as well as service providing organizations working on distinct domains. Opting out this procedure you can yield a quality management system for your company.

In FMEA Risk assessment techniques include activities like expert reviews, response metrics, monetary value and many other advanced risk techniques. This technique helps in identifying each risk and also multiplies the probability of detection of it. The consequences of a failure are studied and then; based on the reports and the seriousness of them prioritization is done in FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis).

The assessment of every individual area helps setting the severity levels the different failures and based on which the priority for each is realized. Now these factors are documented and are the factors which create foundation in decision making on assessment for the future improvements in the process. Thus prevention or at least reduction of the failures in the future is assured.

FMEA is applied in the early stages in a way to avoid future errors. Later on in the cycle, it is used for process control and also from now it continues throughout the life of the product. Productivity Management Group has various programs of your organizational interest. You can get certification and standardization for your company at the ISO level by our aid, service and consulting. PMG has already explained FMEA techniques to leading organisations of the globe like LG, SKH Metals, Hallmark Steel, AG Industries, etc. and has helped them implement it, making them manage things in a better and more efficient way. A simple and easy enhancement in the process, resulting in the compound productivity is just a step away with us.