Creating an energy efficient, sustainable future



From site surveys and feasibility reports to the lifetime maintenance of the plant, we undertake turnkey projects across the life of the plant; ensuring our clients have all the resources they need for a bankable project. Our customers today are proud owners of some of India’s finest plants with 2% – 5% as compared to other plants around them. In-house design and engineering team, efficient construction teams and deep industry and technology know-how are our forte. Our customers also enjoy the benefits of the advisory services that help them understand and gain clarity on aspects of financing, policies, land, fiscal benefits, and regulatory approvals to successfully install solar power plants.  GCS goes beyond the contract and their value engineering ensure customers reap the maximum benefits. With over 502MWp projects under execution GCS is one the largest EPC players in India. GCS has executed & commissioned over 1090MWp of projects which include Utility scale solar, rooftop solar, telecom tower solutions, DG – PV hybrids to mention a few.

Compact yet powerful solar solutions to bring sustainability to the grassroots



Distributed Solar solutions have become beneficial and viable in the Indian market for the following reasons:

  • Generation at the point of consumption
  • Sizing on the basis of actual loads leading to customized solutions
  • Balance energy can be fed back into the grid taking advantage of recently introduced net metering policies
  • Strong policy support and benefits by both state and central governments



  • The rising electricity tariff from conventional sources can be curbed by locally available and accessible natural resources
  • High positive environmental impact on the community
  • The economics of solar power are conducive to lower investments
  • GCS provides strong expertise, skill and experience in this domain

Providing Sustainable Design Build Solutions



GCS offers end to end sustainable Design Build solutions through alternative construction practices, innovative technology and research & analytics based design.

Sustainability, being our core focus, is embedded in all our design & construction processes which result in the reduced building and energy footprint, better resource utilization and generating lesser waste. All above sustainability goals shall be monitored, controlled and audited in accordance with the Global Reporting Index or GRI 4.0.

Evolving sustainability, one project at a time



GCS is growing year on year by delivering value at every step of the process. Global expertise, a vast technical and market knowledge base are pillars upon which our approach towards design is built.

Creating a synergy between pragmatic design and innovation is our way of ensuring that our solutions are at par with world-class standards expected by our clients. Our solutions are simple &efficient to encourage adoption and long lasting, the solar plants constructed by us stand proof.

The mantra which drives all our thoughts, ideas and actions is:

“Provide transformative engineering and design solutions that reinvent our relationship with the natural world”

Keeping your PV plants in the best of health



A typical Solar PV plant has life of over 20 years, and although Solar PV plants have no moving parts; a solar plant needs no O&M is a myth.

With lowering tariffs, the O&M of the plant can determine the overall profitability of the plant and can impact the project IRRs significantly.

Our core objective is to deliver beyond guaranteed plant performance for the O&M period within budget, with a focus on Sustainability, QHSE and performance maximisation to delight the Customer.

The GCS O&M team has over 110 members maintaining assets across 60+ locations across India. Our approach is to focus on maximising plant useful life and generation maximisation.

The performance of our portfolio, over 600 MWp utility scale solar PV projects across India, and a plant availability of 99.6 % + since inception is a testament to our expertise and commitment.